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We are a software company specializing in the development of financial trading indicators and expert advisors (EAs) based on proven trading strategies and quantitative research.

The firm provides white gloves support and services to manual traders, algorithmic traders, money managers, startup brokerages and individuals to help them navigate better in the financial markets. We have built an ecosystem of network where liquidity providers, reputable brokerages and traders come to win.

Legal: Xeconds Strategy Ltd is incorporated in St. Vincent & the Grenadines as an International Business Company with registration number (24144 IBC 2017).
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Address: The Jaycees Building, Stoney Ground, Kingstown, VC0100, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

By entering this website or subscribing to any services rendered by Xeconds Strategy, you are subjected to the law of SVG.

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Bespoke Forex Services

Technology & FX Consultancy

Expert Advisor Development

We do not hard-code. We program user-input modules so that if you require any changes to settings you can change it yourself. You don’t have to PAY MORE just to edit a setting.

Brokerage Setup

White Label fast and efficient trading platforms like MT4/MT5 developed by MetaQuotes with client and affiliate portals/tools for new brokers. We provide you with a fully branded Forex white label solution.

Trading System White Label

Our trading systems, our technology, offered through YOUR brand. Perfect for the properly structured funds and investment firms looking to diversify their existing portfolio.

Managed Account

Your account. Your name. Safe. Private. Secure. Our trade teams deliver trades to your account via our unique “Managed Account” structure. No lock-in periods (you are in full control).

Experience Automated Trading

Algorithmic Trading Strategies

Xeconds Automated Trading is an elite service that lets you follow the strategies of experienced traders exclusively selected by Xeconds.

Subscribing to this service means tapping into the collective experience and expertise of carefully selected strategy managers & trading algorithm. The available strategies cover major currency pairs with technical analysis and pattern based trading strategies that seek to benefit from short term price movements.

*This service is currently only available for clients under FP Markets, Mt Cook and Fusion Markets and is reserved for investors looking to diversify from their traditional portfolio.

The above strategy is available on MTCOOKFINANCIAL through Xeconds Strategy.

Brokerage Partners

Reliable & Reputable Brokers we trade with

1. Safety of Funds

Your deposits are held with the Big 4 Banks of Australia. The Broker adheres to strict anti-money laundering regulation and holds client money at a nominated account segregated from Broker’s money and can only be used as permitted under the strict client money provisions. All monies are dealt with according to the guidance of the Australian Client Money Rules under the Corporations Act.

2. Regulation

The Broker is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and operates under an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) number. AFSL holders must meet many ongoing obligations.

3. STP & ECN Pricing

State of the art technology with low cost true ECN pricing and a huge product offering to create a genuine destination for all types of traders. Razor-sharp spreads for automated trading. Give your Forex robots an edge from 0.0 pip spreads.

Standard Portfolio

Automated, easy-to-join, no hidden fees, low-minimum investment solution to start.

3rd Party Regulated Brokers

We offer real-trading solution through regulated & reputable 3rd party CFDs broker for your managed accounts.

Selective Portfolios

A broad range of portfolios based on varying investment objectives and risk with ongoing re-balancing and monitoring.

Personalized Portfolios

The highest level of service, featuring tailored advice and portfolio construction that takes your overall financial picture into account.

Managed accounts

Standard or Customized Portfolio Solutions

The way SMART investors invest has changed, that's why we offer a suite of managed portfolios to help you pursue your financial goals. From self-trading to professionally managed account solutions with a more personal touch, the experienced professionals at Xeconds Strategy can recommend or create a portfolio based on your financial goals and risk appetite.

Xeconds strategy is authorized as an international business company in SVG to provide brokerage, training and managed account services in currencies, commodities, indexes, CFDs and leveraged financial instruments.

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How it works?

Select a strategy

Step 1 : Choose a trading portfolio you want to grow with.

Open a brokerage account

Step 2 : Open a brokerage account with a participating broker.

Fund your brokerage account

Step 3 : Fund your brokerage account.

Grant Trading Permission

Step 4 : Submit the required LPOA (limited power of attorney).

Frequency Asked Questions

What is a managed account?

It is a type of trading account structure in which a money manager (us) trades on your behalf for profit. This account type is offered by our 3rd party partner Brokers and is commonly known as MAM or PAMM.

How does a Forex managed account work?

Foremost, you must open a trading account with one of the reputable partner brokerage firms. Secondly, decide how much you wish to deposit. Third, grant us the ‘trade only’ permission to your account via an LPOA (Limited Power of Attorney) agreement and the broker will connect your trading account to our systems. You remain in full control of the account, including the deposits and withdrawals.

What are the fees I should take note?

To ensure our interests are aligned to yours, there is no fee to start a managed account. There will be a performance fee based on High Water Mark. Simply put it, your account balance must be higher than the previous month’s before a performance fee is being calculated.

How do I know if your trading performance is real?

Glad you ask! All the trading performances can be verified via an independent 3rd party analytical website, Myfxbook. Traders worldwide rely on Myfxbook to analyze trading performances.

Is there a lock-in period?

Absolutely no! You remain in full control of the account and its deposit and withdrawal rights. No other investment vehicles give you this flexibility and liquidity!

I am a professional trader and I manage funds, how can I use your trading systems?

Nice, it is always a pleasure to meet fellow industry partners. If you manage a MAM/PAMM and seeking strategies that can deliver Alpha consistently, look no further. We can provide a customized White Label solution where you can integrate the trading systems to your MAM/PAMM portfolio. Write in to us today at hello@xeconds.com

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