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Xeconds Strategy is a technology & software company that specialized in the development, incubation & deployment of automated trading systems.

We do not believe that a single strategy can perform in all market conditions. Our goal at Xeconds is to create automated strategies – Alpha, that have the capabilities to thrive and adapt to harsh trading environments. Nothing like this has ever existed, Xeconds is a strategy lab for all Forex participants.

The benefits of automated trading systems extend well beyond traders trading in the market themselves. It is as if traders received an unfair advantage in the market. This is automated strategies on demand, for traders like you and me.

ASIC Regulated Brokers
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It takes a lot of work and years of extensive process to understand the risks and potential of managed funds. There are many pitfalls and neglected risks of the business that many traders & Introducing brokers failed to realize before it is too late. Sometimes it takes many failures to understand how to build a successfully managed funds and trading strategy that is here to stay for the long term.

However, at Xeconds, we do it for you in less time. Sometimes it even takes less than 2 months. Our enhanced technologies and strategies combined with industry know-how and experience help us to take you to the top. We manage Alpha strategies for you so that you can focus on growing your business. Thousands of IBs and Brokers face the universal issue- Alpha trading strategy and a reliable strategy provider.

In another word, Xeconds gives you the edge in the market. Grow with us today. IBs and Regulated Brokers can now white-label our automated trading systems for their own clients.

Strategy Incubation Process


Working Strategy

Trading ideas and strategy must worked before in the live market manually with proven results.



The trader worked closely with programmers to create the automated system.



Trading Strategy is given a framework and protocol to operate within its defined blueprint.



Through forward and backtests, a thorough understanding of the system allows the team to improve its risk parameters.



We incubate the strategy with our real money and the system is optimized for live market trading.


Passed Incubation

After the trading system has cleared the risk assessment, it is ready for use in the Live Market.

Ready to start autotrading?

Looking for a trading strategy to automate your FX Account?

Xeconds offers you a simple yet innovative way to automate your trading by copying or mirroring trading strategy and trading activity according to your selected MAM or Cloud Hosting VIP Account Setup.

Why Xeconds?

Working Strategy

Strategies can work on most regulated brokers

Regulated Partner Brokers

 Your trading accounts are opened in your own name with regulated brokerage firms

Third-Party Verification

Our performance is tracked and audited by MyFxBook and also can be found on incubation platform


Full customization for VIP Accounts and Whitelabel Clients

Robot Execution

No emotions in trading, No over trading, No over leveraging

Multi Strategies

Multi Strategies for portfolio trading to trade in all market conditions

Supported Brokers for Managed Accounts


ASIC & FCA Regulated

FP Markets

ASIC Regulated


Offshore Regulated for Pro Traders Only

For VIP accounts (Cloud Hosted) or Whitelabel Partnerships, please contact us at to learn more.