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How do I get started?

Getting started is quite simple. Leave your contact details and our friendly account managers will support you through the quick account application with the regulated brokerage.

What is a Managed Account?

The Managed Account structure is the best in the entire investment industry. Period. Most investment vehicles require you to send money to someone else, give you limited access and zero transparency over it. Most of the time you can only hope for the best!

It will not be the case with a Managed Account. Your account is maintained with well-known and licensed brokerages and trade functions are performed through Limited Powers of Attorney granted by you. Your fund stays in your personal trading account at all times, in your own name and fully controlled by you. In another words, you keep the keys!

Who is the ASIC?

The Australian Security and Investment Commission (ASIC) oversees financial activities in Australia to protect consumers, investors, and creditors. It has various roles and responsibilities in areas like corporate governance, financial services, consumer protection, or financial literacy.

It offers a high level of regulatory oversight and enforces brokers to adopt fair, consumer-oriented practices.

What is an ASIC regulated Broker?

For a broker to operate in Australia, it must hold an ASIC license. It means it is regulated, and typically the license or registration number is publicly advertised on the broker’s website.

It is in the broker’s interest to make regulation public to be considered as reputable. To earn and keep a license to operate in Australia, one of the most important Forex trading hubs in the world, is no easy feat.

A regulated broker complies with rules set by ASIC, like maintaining a safe trading environment or proving financial sustainability. Moreover, it must maintain high operational standards and present constant audits.

How ASIC regulation protects me?

  • Fund safety– clients’ funds are kept in segregated accounts usually at a custodial bank that works with the broker.
  • Local representative– ASIC regulated brokers must have an official representative in Australia and cannot operate from overseas.
  • Audited books– regular audits ensure business viability, thus protecting its clients (you).
  • Financial dealings transparency– open and honest financial marketplace, fair to all parties involved.

How is my fund protected?

Client deposits are held in segregated custodial account with reputable banks for the sole purpose of trading. The account is separate from the Broker’s operating account.

Brokers are licensed and regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) so they are required to comply with ASIC Client Money rules. This ensures your capital is segregated and protected.

Additionally, you do not transfer money to us. Always remember this- do not pass your money to unlicensed companies or persons.

What is automated trading?

Automated trading (also known as algorithmic trading) is an increasingly popular type of trading system employed by an increasing number of retail and institutional investors. It involves an electronic platform that is pre-programmed to identify trades in real-time.

The system automatically executes the position with a predetermined amount of risk, and manages the position with both stop-loss and take profit levels. Rules are typically based on technical analysis and mathematical pattern recognition and would have been extensively backtested on historical price data.

What is the minimum account size?

Broadly speaking, the minimum account size we manage is US$20,000. Note that in some cases, however, some of the portfolio may have different criteria.

Can I buy your strategies?

No, you do not need to buy the strategies. All you need is to open a trading account with the Broker and trades will be replicated onto your account automatically. This is made possible via our proprietary software and technology.

Are you the actual trader and do you own the trading systems?

This depends on the portfolio. Some of the portfolio are developed in-house and we are the primary stakeholder with full discretionary on the trading along with the management of the trading systems and strategies. We are also partial stakeholders in other portfolio where we have entered into joint venture arrangement with the developers and/or owners of the systems.

There are many good trading teams who simply want to focus on trading in the market and do not want the distractions of running a business. This model has proven time and again to be a success and we believe that keeping the trading managers obsessed with the market is actually a good thing.

Do you test with real money?

Yes, our incubation phase is intense and it involves real cash in the live market. We continue to invest company and personal capital not only in the business, but also in our investments.

We want skin in the game! Thus, we have been part of the entire user experience ourselves since the get-go, and we are happy to share this with like-minded investors.

What can I expect once I join?

Once you join a portfolio, you will see a combination of both winning and losing days, even months. This is absolutely normal. Usually the winning months outnumber the losing months (or are bigger than the losing months) over the span of a year (this is our objective), but obviously there are no guarantees as nobody can predict the future.

This makes it tricky to “time the market” in terms of a good time to join. Those who dive in, start early, and let their funds compound over time stand the greatest chance of success. In our experience, clients who try to time the market or jump from one shiny object to another tend to lose out more. Those who stuck to their guns during the drawdown period will usually be rewarded greatly.

You will also expect regular updates and commentaries on the portfolio. Recommendations will be given prior you join a portfolio and do expect full transparency and prompt communication from the team.

How can I be a partner?

There are 2 types of partnership program you can choose from: ‘Refer-a-Friend’ and ‘Referral Partner’ program. Either program will get you rewarded simply by referring.

To find out more, visit here.

How do I know your trading results are real?

We are always transparent in the results we publish and will never publish one without the proper disclosures explaining how it was generated (i.e.,  live, demo, historic, or something different).  That said, we do not expect any person to “take our word for it” as trust is something that is built over time and earned.

Our portfolio typically undergo third-party verification platform such as Myfxbook, FxBlue and Darwinex. These are excellent utilities that verify the authenticity of trading performances in real-time, all while providing some very rich and detailed statistics and analysis tools. Investors love these as a way to follow, track performance and get easy and quick on-demand access to comprehensive statistics.

Do I need a Virtual Private Server (VPS) to host my account?

Server-based technology

There are services which require you keeping your PC running 24 hours to copy the trading signals. With Xeconds, you do not need to install plugins or subscribe to VPS service. We offer fully automated copy trading technology hosted on our servers.

Do you only trade currency? What about other asset classes?

We are specialized in spot Forex trading with major currency pairs and metals. We do not trade indices and commodities.

I have joined another managed account elsewhere but I would like to join yours, can I transfer my account to you?

Certainly you can! Transferring your trading account to ours can be done by completing the Broker-to-Broker transfer form.

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