Getting started through MAM

Easy & transparent experience.

01. Set up your trading account

You can choose any of our preferred partner brokers to open a trading account, they are all regulated brokers with a reputable history.

Fee-Free Funding Options
Competitive FX Rates – Funding Options
Reimbursement back to the trading account
No Locked-In Period

02. Link your account to a MAM

After your account is established with the broker, simply fund it with a minimum balance and the broker will link it to a MAM.

VIP Accounts (Minimum $100K) are not tagged to a MAM and are individually managed and uploaded to the cloud.

03. Fund your account and start tracking

Once there are sufficient funds in your trading account and upon the approval of LPOA.
Your trading account will be managed with a default risk and you can start tracking the performance through your MT4 trading account or upload to myfxbook for analytics.

Live Analytics
Real-time trading and activity
You are not alone, your trading account is joined by many others onto a master trading account which will duplicate trades on your account.
VIP Account
Your account is individually managed and hosted into the cloud 24/7
Cancel any time
No minimum locked-in period, your trading account is liquid.