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Copy The Success of Performing Traders

We live in a society where automation is inevitable. We believe it is about time that trading should be automated as well.

Through Xeconds, the managed portfolio gives you the ability to copy performing traders and their strategies in real-time, in your own account automatically.

Simply select a portfolio to join and you can effectively diversify your total investment portfolio with a dash of Forex. Find out more by contacting us or attend the next private event organized by us.

Benefits of Copying

Leverage On Expertise

Leverage on our expertise in the specialized field. We have the know-how and methodology to scout and incubate traders with our own capital and resources.

Free Up Your Time

Free up precious time and resources for trader-scouting as it has already been done for you. Focus on what matters to you and let us take the wheel.

High Speed and Accuracy

Algorithmic trading ensures that trades are executed automatically according to mandate. You get to avoid the pitfalls associated with manual trading.

Around the Clock Monitoring

Your account, managed 24-hour around the clock by a team of dedicated trading managers. Stay invested in the currency market even when you’re sleeping!


Strategies are optimized on the fly and enhanced according to market conditions. Enjoy a hands-free experience in the currency trading market.

Backtested and Proven

Strategies are backtested against past data to analyze its profitability and effectiveness. They are also tested in the live market with real capital.

How to Join Copytrading?

Start In 3 Steps


Choose a Portfolio

Select a portfolio and decide on your account size. Grant trading permission via an agreement known as Limited Power of Attorney (LPOA).


Open An Account

Your account. Your name. Your control.
Open a brokerage account with a 3rd party regulated trading platform. Deposited funds are held in custodian trust account away from broker’s fund.


Focus On What Matters

The rest of the trading process can quite literally function on full auto-pilot. Flex your money muscles so you can focus on what truly matters to you.

Multi-account Manager

Proprietary Copytrading Technology

  • Trade across an unlimited number of trading accounts
  • Flexibility with order types– allocation by lot, percentage or equity
  • Trade execution in any size– Standard lot (1), Mini lot (0.1) and Micro lot (0.01)
  • Partial close of orders via Master Account
  • Efficiently manage trades from Master Account
  • No slippages or discrepancies in copying trades
  • Single block trade executions from Master Account
  • Institutional-grade server with zero latency
  • No additional hosting requirements


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