PUQ is one the DarwinIA March 2019 Winners

PUQ darwin held up ranked 1st for many days before finally closing at top 4th for March 2019, after other darwins caught up during the last days of trading.

PUQ is a Darwin created by FXBOX, as FXBOX bundled a portfolio of automated systems which has been back tested 10 years and carefully selected as the combination of a trading strategy to trade the live market. We interviewed FXBOX on what’s the success ingredient behind PUQ’s performance since its debut on Darwinex DarwinIA as most often, algo strategy tend to under-performs when it goes live trading.

“ Algo strategies that are properly back-tested with fair share of in-and-out of randomness and live market data usually suffers in the live-market due to broker’s feed, because the data you get from other brokers such as Dukascopy or other tick data, or even metaquotes’ data doesn’t represent that of the FX broker you are using to trade, and that discrepancy alone challenge how your trading strategy will work in the live market, so if a strategy is too sensitive, backtest data or even tick data accuracy is not accurate due to slippage and spread, latency and so on.

PUQ uses intra-day trade (not scalping) that have sufficient pips expectancy and took into considerations such as spreads, slippages and broker’s feed discrepancy by pushing the winning rate % to a level we deem it is sufficient to battle in the live market, we optimized the algo and data once it goes live and learn from the mistakes and the market, and try to eliminate unnecessary trades as we fine-tune the model to a benchmark we deem fit for the market, saying that we have actually traded live for 1 year before we list our strategy on Darwinex. The benchmark of Algo selection is proprietary, there’s always randomness or fundamental impact which creates spikes and volatility in the market, this has to be taken into consideration, but overall if the benchmark is there, it will perform in time. What matters is patience and risk management. As much as trading is technically entered, the fundamentals are something we can’t control over ”

Source – https://blog.darwinex.com/darwinia-winners-march-2019/

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